By Faizan Asad |22 January 2020

Successful people have big dreams, but they have reasonable goals. Every successful person has a great dream. Big successes are accumulated by small successes. Every successful person realizes their great dreams after reaching countless small goals. If you don't give up, there must be a chance for success. If you give up, you have already failed.

1.      Do what you like to do, and then do your best. You have to do what you like to do to be successful. Find the right way to work, and list your ideal and perfect working conditions.

2.      To be the top in the world in the industry. Don't make making a lot of money the most important goal in your life. As long as you can be the best person, the best things will happen to you. When you want to get all the best things, you must turn yourself into the best person in order to become the world's top in the industry as the ultimate goal of your life. In this way, you can definitely realize all your dreams.

3.      Successful people have big dreams, but they have reasonable goals. Every successful person has a great dream. Big successes are accumulated by small successes. Every successful person realizes their great dreams after reaching countless small goals. If you don't give up, there must be a chance for success. If you give up, you have already failed. Remember! Every goal and dream must set a deadline. The goals were not reached:

a.       Unreasonable

b.      No deadline

c.       Lack of detailed plans

d.      No daily progress measurement.

Don't live by luck, you must live by goals and plans. At the end of each year, write down what you want to achieve next year. Write it all out, choose the four most important and most wanted, choose one as the core goal, and then prioritize the other three to set a specific deadline. After you have listed your goals, please make a detailed plan and arrange the plans in order of priority. This will greatly increase your chances of achieving your goals. This is also what every super successful person does.

4.      Do you want to succeed or must you succeed?

There are three most important secrets to success:

a.       Have a strong desire

b.      Still have a strong desire

c.       I still have a strong desire.

5.      Every day, you must constantly review your own practices and results. What is right must be constantly strengthened, and what is wrong must be corrected immediately. Because never make the same mistake a second time! Every day, I must check my progress. I check the progress of my subordinates. I have meetings every week to discuss what happened (wrong, right).

6.      Be sure to learn from successful people, especially world-class successful people. You must learn from successful role models, put yourself into a successful environment, and follow the successful ones. One must succeed.

There are several ways:

a.       He must help the successful ones.

b.      When they start to succeed, they also start to cooperate with more successful people.

c.       When you are more and more successful, find the successful ones to help you work.

Follow these three methods and do it step by step, you will be very successful.

7.      Be successful. First study success. To be successful, research must be successful.

The three elements of a person's wisdom:

a.       The successful people continuously collect information, they are quite good at mastering new knowledge. Remember! Always collect new information

b.      A successful person will constantly learn from the experience of others.

c.       A wise person will constantly reflect on himself.

8.      Take action if you want to succeed. The secret of the world's top salesman's success: from working at eight in the morning to passing out at night. Sales is always a number game. As long as you work harder and visit more customers, you will definitely have a chance to make a deal. Successful people will always do more than the average person. When the average person gives up, they look for the next customer; when the customer refuses, he asks them again: "Do you want it?" When the customer does not buy, he asks: "Why don't you buy it?" Remember! It is always how much action you take that makes you more successful, not how much you know.

9.  Always ask successful people and ask them about their methods and opinions of success. To be successful, one needs continuous training and continuous learning. However, the fastest way is to ask some successful people, ask them to give you some opinions, give you some feedback, and ask them to tell you what you did. What was done wrong? Let them guide you with their wisdom and experience. In this case, it will be more effective than any book you read. You will never see the blind spots of your own thinking. Ask successful people: "What else can I do to improve?"

10.  Whatever you do, be happy and enjoy the process. Marketing purpose and philosophy: "To provide customers with the best service and help customers solve their problems."

11.  Set high standards and never accept second-rate performance. The quality of your work is directly proportional to your personal achievements, directly proportional to the number of people you serve, directly proportional to your attitude, proportional to your knowledge, proportional to your standards, and successful people have high standards and failure those standards are not high. Zero faults in everything. Must ask for the first place.

12.  Change your mind. One of the greatest discoveries in psychology is that you can become your ideal character through your constant imagination. You must imagine yourself as a very successful person, a very wealthy person, a very positive person, a very enthusiastic person, a very motivated person, and you must spend some time every day to imagine your success. You must imagine yourself as a born-in-law. Keep imagining what you want to achieve each year, and continue to be a specific time and time again, and enter your subconscious in your dreams. You may wish to have a picture of your goal today, cut it out, paste it, imagine every day, imagine every day, instill in your subconscious sooner or later to change yourself

13.  The power of the subconscious. "The power of the subconscious mind is more than 30,000 times greater than that of consciousness." The first method of using the subconscious mind is to continually imagine and change an image and picture inherent in one's self. The so-called self-confirmation. "I will succeed, I will succeed, I will succeed" "I will be rich, I will be rich, I will be rich" "My performance is constantly improved, and continuously improved, my performance must be Will keep improving "I will save money, I will save money, I will save money "Repeated practice and input. The most important and most important key to influencing a person's subconscious mind is to repeat it continuously, repeat it repeatedly, repeat it again and again, and repeat it in large numbers, and have time to confirm your goals and think of your goals, In this case, your goal will be achieved after all.

14.  Record your goal on a tape and play it repeatedly every day to enter your subconscious mind. Keep repeating, keep repeating. The method is simple. Most people are unwilling to try. Without trying, it is definitely not effective.

15.  Listen to the subconscious tape. The most important and important factor affecting the subconscious mind is the number of repetitions.

16.  Use potential development machines. The fastest way to change the subconscious mind is to use hypnosis. New things are always vulnerable to rejection. Winners have the courage to try new tools.

17.  Constantly build your own knowledge base. On average, 400-600 books or magazines are read each year. An important secret of success is to take the maximum amount of action in the shortest amount of time. All leaders are readers. Every meeting is a must. Learning will make you more successful. You must spend 30% of your income to keep learning. Success is cumulative, just like learning. If you want to earn more, you must learn more. Your professional knowledge must be the top of your industry. The reason why you succeed is that others like you and others believe in you. Why do others believe in you and like you? Because you know more than them, they feel hope with you. They think they can learn something with you.